Cadastral Survey

  • Applications are completed, in most cases, within 2 to 3 months.
  • The Field Survey Department contacts owners to set up survey appointments or send an appointment card.
  • Private survey firms may be commissioned to perform surveying activities through limited contracts.
  • Real estate layouts (Cadastral configurations) surveyed by private offices are reviewed and the results are recalculated to confirm a matching outcome.
  • Applications are presented by clients to the Land Registration Directorate, where documents and certificates are later collected.
  • Lands that are part of private property layouts do NOT require survey certificates to obtain building permits. Applicants should consult the municipality whose jurisdiction covers the designated land within the layout.
  • Presenting false or inaccurate information when applying for a service terminates or delays completion of that service.
  • Applications for survey certificates used to obtain building permits are rejected if the designated land has no accessible route.
  • Cadastral survey fees are fully paid in advance, and in case some or all border angles cannot be surveyed for any reason, fees are returned for non-surveyed border angles.
  • Cadastral survey fees do NOT include the cost for survey markers.
  • Property owners are responsible for maintaining border markers after signing the installation receipt.
  • Replacing lost border markers is the sole responsibility of property owners with the assistance of private survey offices.
  • Survey applications are considered void when property owners fail to respond to inquiries or letters from the General Directorate of Survey within 1 month from the date of the inquiry or letter.
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