Information Systems Directorate

The Information Systems Directorate is responsible for preparing and implementing the strategic plan for information and communication technology in coordination with senior management. It provides advice and technical expertise regarding information and communication technology, as well as supervises projects related to it. The directorate also conducts studies, planning, design, implementation, management, updates, and maintenance of servers, storage devices, databases, computer networks, and takes all necessary security measures to protect them from breaches or misuse. It also studies, designs, develops, updates, and maintains software, systems, and electronic services, both internally and by outsourcing to specialized companies that the bureau requires to improve productivity and provide services to all users.

Additionally, the directorate works on studying the employees' needs for computer devices, printers, scanners, and other IT equipment. It coordinates the procurement process with relevant entities, receives and installs the equipment, provides maintenance support, and offers technical assistance to all users of the bureau’s software, systems, and devices. The directorate also prepares technical documents for information and communication technology tenders and participates in evaluating offers related to software, systems, and devices.


You can contact the directorate on the following number:

 +973 17507789 or email