Information Systems Directorate

The Information Systems Directorate (ISD) is responsible for providing technical expertise and advice on all information technology issues. As such, it is a cornerstone in the Bureau's mission to establish itself at the forefront of technology and technical expertise. Access to correct, up-to-date information is critical in fulfilling the multiple needs of sectors and Directorates.

ISD draws up and implements strategic plans for the Bureau's information systems based on the Bureau's current and future requirements, and in co-ordination with top management and other relevant directorates. It also works to ensure that the Bureau's information systems, applications, databases and networks meet stringent local and global specifications, best practices and standards.


  • Preparing strategies to develop custom specifications for information systems used throughout the Bureau Directorates and follow-up their implementation.
  • Building, operating, and managing information and communication networks with emphasis on their interconnectivity with each other.
  • Setting up, developing, and supervising individual IT infrastructures for each Directorate, and ensuring successful and safe functionality.
  • Designing and developing specialized software to cover the internal work needs of each Directorate.
  • Providing technical helpdesk support for employees.
  • Identifying, analyzing, and treating new and recurring errors in the system.
  • Maintaining hardware and related technical equipment.
  • Ensuring conformity with international specifications and criteria in the IT and GIS fields and devise regulations to govern the processes of application and performance.
  • Linking the Bureau with the mainstream e-Government network.