Technical Affairs Directorate

The Directorate is responsible for updating the records in the Land Registration System and it follows up the technical matters related to all properties and real estate to ensure that they are proper and effective, in addition to maintaining real estate information and co-coordinating with other directors within the SLRB and other ministries to provide them with the latest data and information related to each property.


• Providing vital property data, records, and land information to support any decision process involving real estate across the Kingdom through the Land Information System (LIS).

• Maintaining the necessary systems to safeguard all incoming maps, property layouts, ownership data, etc. from other SLRB directorates.

• Auditing, reviewing and marking the data on the incoming maps from the Surveying Sector.

• Coordinating with the Royal Court, for the Royal Endowments.

• Improving and updating the available land information system in the directorate, to serve the public & private sectors.

• Providing land and property prices list for each area in the Kingdom for valuation purposes.

• Playing a vital role in the committee of sorting (the Ministry of Justice).

• Reviewing property corner acquisition requests from citizens and answering their incoming queries.

• Coordinating with the Courts Directorate in the Ministry of Justice to provide maps and property layouts along with confidential specific data regarding real estate ownerships to aid in resolving various types of property disputes.


• Establishing an effective strategy for implementing and developing a Land Information System.

• Studying all technical services requirements relating to Land Information System

• Establishing and managing the Land Information System to follow up technical matters of all properties and title deeds in the Kingdom and ensuring their accuracy.

• Designing and implementing the related projects to further enhance the Land Information System.

• Providing all necessary and related Real Estate information for the decision making process.

• Keeping abreast with international standards and specifications in Land Information System best practices in maintaining quality and all technology implementation.

• Studying and analyzing problems relating to Real Estate technical issues and providing with efficient, approachable and logistical solutions thereof.

• Providing technical support and relevant training to all the users of the Land Information System.

• Building of systems to maintain all types of Maps in the Kingdom.

• Auditing, reviewing and amending maps coming from other internal Directorates.

• Coordinating with the Ministry of Justice relating to Land Information System and enforcing judicious marking using Maps relating to Court Judgments’ to specific properties/land in meticulous maintaining of accurate records at all times.

• Providing of related Technical Affairs Data of related Land Information System, to Directorates (internally and externally) as authorized.

• Lastly, to answer all related queries for citizens of the Kingdom regards to the corner property annexation.