Properties Merging Registration

Two or More Properties merging (consolidation) Registration Transaction

  • Required documents
    • Original property title deed.
    • If the properties' are in a private plan, an approval of merging properties from the Planning Directorate (Municipality) is required
    • Copy of owner valid passport or ID card
    • When there is a power of attorney for seller or buyer, a maximum of two authorized contract is required (According to the Minister of Justice and Islamic Affairs law No. 15/2000). If the power of attorney was issued out of the Kingdom of Bahrain it should be stamped and approved from the Ministry of Foreign affairs and concerned embassy
  • Transaction fees
    • dinar fixed fees for every transaction
    • Land registration form costs one dinar for every transaction.
  • Registration prohibitions
    • A request from the Ministry of justice and Islamic Affairs courts to block any transaction for the property
    • Submitting the notarized contract one year after its notarization date
    • Request from the minister of Municipality and agriculture affairs to possess the property before registration
    • The bank's approval letter in case of pledge

Note: During the receipt of the request if there is a need for more documents than that is mentioned, you will need to bring them.