Registering A Public Benefit Repossession

Appropriation Registration Transaction



Required documents

  1. Original property title deed.
  2. Letter issued by the Urban and Rural Planning Directorate (Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture) on property appropriation or compensating owner with another property. It should be declared officially in the o newspaper.
  3. Original copy of appropriated or compensated property map.
  4. Approval from the Royal Bureau for appropriation or compensation.
  5. Copy of owner valid passport or ID card.
  6. If the property is a company, a copy of its establishment agreement or C.R is required.
  7. When there is a power of attorney, a maximum of two authorized contract is required (According to the Minister of Justice and Islamic Affairs law No. 15/2000). If the power of attorney was issued out of the Kingdom of Bahrain it should be stamped and approved from the Ministry of Foreign affairs and concerned embassy.


Transaction fees

  • 5 dinar fixed fees. 
  • Land registration form costs one dinar for every transaction.
  • Appropriation transaction is free of charge.






Registration prohibitions

  • Submitting the notarized contract one year after its notarization date.
  • Request from the minister of Municipality and agriculture affairs to possess the property before registration.



Note: During the receipt of the request if there is a need for more documents than that is mentioned, you will need to bring them.