Terms of Use


The use of complete or partial excerpts from the data context of the SLRB website in the original or altered forms for public benefit is permitted on the following conditions:


  • Use of all text, images, photographs, and audio visual content is permitted for reference, educational purposes, and general awareness, with the exception of the SLRB logo, which can only be used for reference in presentations or printed matter with prior written consent.
  • Any personal photograph displayed on the website is property of its owner, and therefore can only be used with their approval after obtaining the SLRB's approval.
  • Publishing content from the website by unauthorized parties on forums or personal websites is strictly prohibited without a prior written consent from the SLRB.
  • Using content from the website in products and services for commercial purposes – whether in its original or abridged versions – is strictly prohibited.
  • Parties that display material from the website should by all evident means notify the SLRB due to its role as the source of information.
  • Claiming ownership of website content, or failing to quote the resource as a data reference is considered illegal, and puts offenders at risk of facing legal action at the SLRB's will.
  • The SLRB is not responsible whatsoever for claims, expenses, or other consequences resulting from any individual or party's use of information displayed on the website.
  • The SLRB does not grant exclusive rights to use material published on its website. Hence, any claims that the material is exclusive or copyrighted are considered void, and violators risk facing any legal action the SLRB finds appropriate within the capacities allowed by the Bahraini law.
  • The SLRB does not endorse any products, services, or commercial activities. Therefore, claims of such nature are considered void, and violators risk facing any legal action the SLRB finds appropriate within the capacities allowed by the Bahraini law.
  • Only parts of the website displaying copyright information are considered protected under intellectual rights. Thus, reproduction of material with no copyright information does not require prior approval from the SLRB.
  • If non-copyrighted material includes excerpts of copyrighted material or material that is SLRB-specific, then users should obtain prior approval from the SLRB or the material's intellectual owner, or list proper references when displaying the quoted material.
  • The SLRB may permit the use of its logo in the production of memorabilia (i.e. shields, collectibles, etc.) should a party approach it with such a request, given that the objectives of such a request are clearly expressed in written form. Sale of such items is by all means prohibited, and exclusive production rights are strictly denied.
  • External links featured in the official SLRB website are by no means part of the website, and the SLRB assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the material displayed on their corresponding websites.



This document has been last updated on September 6, 2018