Human & Financial Resources Directorate


The Human Resources & Finance Directorate undertakes and manages personnel affairs and trains the Survey and Land Registration Bureau's manpower, in addition to the financial management, customer services and training pool.




•      Developing personnel programmers and implementing all policies, systems and procedures for civil service systems.

•      Examining the SLRB's needs and requirements of manpower and balancing the budget in accordance with the approved organization structures, proposing suitable solutions for organization problems and improving organizational structures for all Bureau's functions.

•      Planning and examining the training requirements, listing priorities and drawing up short, medium and long term plans and estimating the financial costs in accordance with the financial allocations earmarked for the Bureau's directorates.

•      Managing the Basic Procurement System, represented in furniture, publications, stationery and issuing all the purchase applications and reviewing and auditing of the payment vouchers for the Bureau's directorates.

•      Preparing financial accounts and the main budget for the Bureau's directorates in accordance with the forecast financial requirements for coming years and improving and developing internal and external accounts systems used by the Bureau's directorates to ensure that they are suitable and that they are in line with sound accounting systems in accordance with the Standard Finance Manual.

•      Devising plans for cash flow plans for the Bureau and following them up in a regular way.

•      Examining different ways of spending by the Bureau and analyzing them and proposing alternatives which help in reducing costs while laying down financial regulations for all types of purchases and services to control the spending process.

•    Human & Financial Resources Directorate a goal of providing human resource management and financial services that helps improve the work at SLRB.

•      Executing training strategies, plans and programmers for the Bureau's staff on local and external levels.