Topographic Survey Directorate

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The work of this Directorate is to determine the locations and nature of the features of the natural and built environment from direct measurement on the ground and from imagery derived from sensors in aircraft and on satellites.  Processing these measurements for storage in a geospatial database allows the generation of maps and imagery products at various scales as both digital and hard-copy products, available for sale.

This Directorate also manages the Geodetic infrastructure including the GNSS Permanent Reference Network  and accurate transformation models to relate positions in Bahrain to global coordinate systems.

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Roles & Responsibilities:


•      Carrying out the necessary surveying activities to collect, update, and provide topographic information on all regions of the Kingdom.

•      Custodian of the National 3D Data Model

•      Developing and updating the Kingdom's Geodetic network and its control points.

•      Developing and updating all Geodetic and Topographic databases and digital maps, which supports GIS applications used by government and the private sector.

•      Maintaining the archive of aerial photography tracing the pattern and pace of urban development in Bahrain.

•      Preparing reports and offering technical advice on surveying information for public and private entities.

•      Working in coordination with the private sector in terms of certain surveying activities carried out by them.

       Developing and publishing standards related to surveying.




Directorate Databases:



 The location and other characteristics of natural and man-made features of Bahrain’s landscape are retained in the Digital Topographic Database. This is updated periodically from aerial imagery and on a continuous basis by surveying on the ground. The locations and characteristics of Survey Control Marks and Height Benchmarks are maintained in the Geodetic Database



1.    Survey Operations and Product Development:

This section performs surveying operations,
 using total stations and GPS






aerial photography, and remote sensing.

2.       Geodetic Survey and Supporting Services:
This section determines and distributes control points for the Geodetic network in Bahrain, and is responsible for the operation of the Permanent Reference Network.

3.       Maps and Locational Data
This section draws and publishes maps Showing heights, distances, areas, landmarks of all types, etc.




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