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About Us

Topographic Survey Directorate (TSD) is responsible for national mapping of the natural and built environment of the Kingdom of Bahrain essential for planning, development and infrastructure. Features are captured by surveying using photogrammetric and field survey techniques to produce geospatial information and mapping products.


Products and Services

TSD maintains extensive mapping and digital representation of the natural and built environment topographic features. TSD captures over 150 feature types managed within a set of 478 discrete Logical Map Boundaries (LMBs) that approximately follow Bahrain’s administrative Block areas.

TSD provides a range of topographic maps and geospatial products at various scales and formats, available for purchase.

Please visit the following for further information or Download the Product Catalogue or make a Digital Data Request 

Overview of Digital Topographic Mapping 

Cartographic & Thematic Mapping 

Imagery Products 

Elevation Products

3D Cities 

Geodetic Services – Permanent Reference Network

Reference Systems and Datum 

As-Built Survey

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National Initiatives

  • National 3D Project – Modernisation of National Mapping
  • National 3D Mapping Data Model
  • National Committee for Geospatial Information Governance (NCGIG)
  • Continuous and Coordinated Imagery Programme (CCIP)
  • Underground Utilities Mapping Standards
  • As-Built Survey Standards


Contact Us

Isa Ali Abdulla

Director of Topographic Survey

General Enquires: +973 1757 7999

Office Tel: +973 1751 5352