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SLRB is responsible for land and property registration in the Kingdom of Bahrain and underpins the economy by securing land ownership and confidence in the property market consisting over 230,000 property parcels. Cadastral Survey Directorate (CSD) and the Sections within are responsible for ensuring the authoritative measurement and delineation of property boundaries to maintain the integrity of the cadastre.

CSD provide survey services to government and set standards for the private sector surveying firms. CSD is responsible for preparing the Deed Plan that forms the spatial component of the Title Deed registered in the land registry.


Products and Services

CSD provides a range of cadastral products and survey services. Please visit the following for further information or visit e-Services Section:

Overview of CSD Sections



Online Appointments Services

Land Survey Request

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Deed Plan Preparation Status




For Land Survey Applications, please download the Application Form for the following survey services requests:

 Apply for a COS that shows the parcel dimension according to the title.

  • Certificate of Survey (COS) Without Demarcation

Apply for a COS and demarcation on site for building permit requirements.

  • Certificate of Survey (COS) With Demarcation
    • By Cadastral Survey Directorate
    • By Private Sector Firm

Apply for a Deed Plan to issue a new Title Deed

  • Deed Plan

Apply for a court report as requested by the judge

  • Court Report

Request for other cadastral service that are not mentioned above

  • Other


Contact a private sector survey firm:

List of authorized private survey companies

List of authorization private survey and examination offices

CSD Survey Standards Guidelines Manual - 2024


Fees & Other services:

Cadastral Survey Fees

Important Information Regarding Procedures



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Contact Us

Khalif Al Dhaen

Director of Cadastral Survey

General enquires: +973 1757 7999