Land Affairs Section


The Land Affairs Group reports directly to the Head of the Survey and Land Regulation Bureau and undertakes the implementation of orders and supervision of procedures related thereto, in connection with the issue of title deeds of royal endowments and the lands allocated by the government for public purposes as part of the ownership of one of the ministries or government agencies. The Group's function is mainly related to the concerned bodies within the Bureau and outside which have the same functions as part of the State's bodies and ministries.



Roles & Responsibilities:

      Supervising the quality of the land data bank.

      Following-up the execution of Royal endowments of lands and corners.

      Supervising the implementation of edicts & decrees endowing land to the government or bestowing land for designated purposes intended for public interest.

      Coordinating land assignment efforts and resources between the Cadastral Survey Directorate and the Directorate of Urban & Rural Planning.

      Storing all records and analyzing current data to help predict future requirements for planning and provide the necessary advice on the ideal utilization of urban and rural lands.