Public Relations & Media Section


This section undertakes the responsibility of regulating and controlling the Bureau's relations with other organizations, agencies and individuals in order to educate the public on the Bureau's efforts and services. It acts as a link between the Bureau and the outside parties, as well as co-coordinating with all local, Arab and international organizations to enable the Bureau to perform its functions in the most optimal way.

The section receives the feedback from the public, whether through focused and regular follow up of what is published in the audio-visual and written media or through direct contacts with individuals and organizations.


Roles & Responsibilities:


      Enhancing the SLRB's external communications on the local level.

      Enhancing communications with local and foreign media.

      Highlighting the SLRB's efforts and projects.

      Informing the public and clients about the SLRB's mission and services offered.

      Informing the top management level about public reactions towards the SLRB's projects, services, and performance.

      Promoting SLRB programs and projects locally and abroad, in coordination with the involved directorates and departments.