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User Guide for Application status of Cadastral Directorate


User Guide app.png


1.       Enter the CPR number or the organization number in the first column.





2.       Enter the job number in the second column as you received it, as it is in the following picture.




3.       Click on ”Go”.




4.       By this way you can see your request status and the data you entered to check their correctness.






5.       You can follow your request status depending on the stages of completion as follows:

-          Under Survey

-          Under Examination – Private sector survey

-          Under Examination – CSD survey

-          Deed plan being prepared

-          Deed plan waiting for signature.

-          Job in hold pending obtaining additional information

-          Job cancelled

-          Job complete archived




       6.       When your request status appears, Click on the status to know

              the steps that your request will follow.



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