General report on the actual financial results for the properties traded until the end of the year January-December 2005

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The property market in the Kingdom of Bahrain witnessed a large increase until the end of the year 2005 compared with previous years, reflecting investors' confidence in this type of investments due to the political and social openness and the stable security situation, which all enhances investors' confidence and assurance of investing their money in the Kingdom. The property market is considered one of the main pillars of economic activities and in the infrastructure of the national economy and stimulating growth in the Gross Domestic Product.

Increase Percentage

The actual results for the end of the year 2005 show an increase in properties traded totaling 21%, compared to the year 2004%.

Total Properties Traded

Property transactions during the year 2005 stood at BD 209,751,524, in addition to BD 431,005,214 during the year 2004, an increase of BD 93,204,537. Figures show that the highest number of properties traded was during the second quarter of the year, accounting for 31%.

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