Bahrain Tidal Network

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Bahrain Tidal Network (BTN)

Web-based enabled with Remote Monitoring and Control Technology



YSI EcoNet Web-enabled Remote

Monitoring and Control



To use the Bahrain Tidal Network "BTN" pleases access to the following link:


Bahrain Tidal Network





To establish a tidal network covering the kingdom of Bahrain coastal tidal areas to provide continuous tidal readings and maintains a tidal records for variable location to generate tidal prediction for measure ports & marinas, coastal areas & fisheries, dredging / reclamation construction projects and international maritime traffic routing.


The network is intended to start with (phase1) using three previously purchased YSI Tide Gauges by the Hydrographic Office to be deployed in allocated locations around the Kingdom along with establishing a web-base services that will be utilized in storing, sorting, and organizing recorded tidal readings and water temperature data collected by YSI Tide Gauges from Tidal Stations with the ability to access data remotely via GPRS mobile service to Internet web-base. (phase2) persuading local stake holders to participate in funding the project to extend services and variability of data collected and recorded through adding more Tide Gauges.


Tidal station monitoring platform

• Ability to access data remotely via GPRS mobile service to internet web-base

• Real-time & auto updated data

• Multiple differing sensors inputs

• Multiple baud rate options

• Capability to add variety of measuring categories

• operates by using Microsoft applications

Tidal station control capabilities

• Alarms

• Alerts

• Local Actions

By access Node with GPRS modem, reports automatically sent per day/week/month to subscribers & public display from the location of tide gauge.


• GSM Modem

• Ethernet

• Web Enabled

• Information accessible to subscribers via any web enabled device

• Unlimited user access

• Data managed on a Central Data Center

• Data encrypted, secure & backed up


Access Node

1. Data Collection & Tidal readings recording from remotely rigged Tide Gauge.

2. Provides “connection” to the Data Center through the Internet using GPRS mobile communication.

3. Provides “access” to the Data Center for other Data Nodes as a networking service.

4. Stores, sorts, and organizes recorded tidal data with temperature readings.

Data Center

1. Hardened Internet Data Centre

2. Scaleable Network Bandwidth

3. Complete Access Management

4. Firewall and Virus Protection

5. Totally Redundant Power and Network Connectivity

6. Server Database Management

7. Windows applications operating systems support


• Public

• Private

• Configuration

• Mobile

Web Enabled Remote Monitoring and Control Platform enables instantaneous access to monitored data regardless of physical location

• Public access

• Restricted Password access

Remotely monitors and controls edge devices

• Alarms

• User defined

• Notification via E-mail

Devices are self routing, self healing, and self recognizing

• Network is scalable

• Repeating functionality for increased communication range

• Data encrypted & secure

• Real-time troubleshooting & diagnostics

Data Management Service

• One Access Node Annual Service Fee

• Public Website hosting

• Private Website hosting

• Web design support via config page

• Automatic software updates

• Technical support

• Data Storage & Back-up

• Report routing (via email)


• More coverage of Bahrain coast water in the aspect of tide and water level monitoring.

• web-based real-time & auto updated data without the need to travel to site location

• Ability to study the wave movement around the country and obtain statistics.

• Providing the Maritime business and port authorities with necessary information regarding tide for Harbour loading & off loading operations • Updating Data base and Nautical Chart publication

• Providing field survey with necessary tidal information for sounding calculations

• Public Website hosting Private Website hosting Provides “access” to the Data Center for other Data Nodes as a networking service



• Bahrain Ports and customs

• Bahrain Coast Guard

• Ministry of Interior

• Bahrain Royal Navy

• Bahrain Defence Force

• Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wild Life

• General Directorate of Environment & Wild Life Protection

• Marine Resources & fisheries Directorate

• Bahrain Research & Study center – Geomatecs

• Bahrain Metrological Directorate

• University of Bahrain

• Ministry of Information

• Survey, Construction, Dredging / Reclamation, Oil Exploration and Marine Transportation companies in the privet sector

• Foreign companies and Authorities.


The need for a tidal network is essential for Bahrain due to the rapid increase of construction projects in the country. It's important to record and study the tidal wave and the water flow rotation around the island that is affecting all aspects of maritime activities. Beneficiaries should contribute to expand the tidal network, which will have a huge impact on the nature of their activities The precise and accurate tidal readings will result in better predictions for a variety of locations around the kingdom. Establishing the first tidal web- based network in the gulf region in Bahrain is a valuable accomplishment for Bahrain's reputation as a gulf state, also a country member of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO).



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