Survey Directorate Achievements 1978 – 2004

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1976 – 1977:    The establishment of a horizontal control network comprised of 22 main points and 50 sub-points, all determined through passive surveying.

1978               : The expansion of the local control network through setting up 3000 reference markers by the Field Survey Unit for the general benefit of all surveyors in the Kingdom.

1983               : The conversion of map measurement ratios from a 1000:1 scale to digital data stored on floppy disks to facilitate the depiction of any surveyed location instantly via computer.

1986 – 1988 : Aerial photographs of the industrial area were taken on the east coast, Hamad Town, the King Fahad Causeway, and the location of the Arabian Gulf University. Special software was used to transmit aerial photographs to the database in the General Directorate of Survey.

1991               : Commissioning an international company to conduct thorough, 2 phase photography of all areas of Bahrain by:

1. Conducting an aerial survey for the South Eastern Bahraini coastline, rendered in photographs of 3000:1 and 500:1 scales, to be stored in databases for use in envisioning stages of development and urbanization.

2. Photographing all remaining areas, residential or otherwise, rendered in a scale of 5000:1 for updating Topographic maps stored in the database.


·            Participating in various local and foreign technical and specialized committees during the period when the Survey Directorate was part of the Ministry of Housing and after merging with the Land Registration Bureau. Such exposure to expert views enabled the directorate to improve the quality of advice to answer various inquiries, and rapidly increase the efficiency and simplicity of procedures. Committees formed under the umbrella of the directorate include:

·            Internal Committees

o   Courts Committee

o   Technical Survey Committee

o   Training Committee

·            External Committees

o   Property Border Angle Committee in the Ministry of Municipality and Agriculture Affairs

o   The Shared Technical Committee with representatives from the SLRB, the Natural Planning Directorate from the Ministry of Municipality and Agriculture Affairs and the Ministry of Works and Housing.

o   GIS Committee

o   Appraisal Committee


·            Enhancing local staff skills through specialized training in each member's respective professional field, covering management, supervision, and office work.


2002               : Converting from producing survey certificates and deed maps from their conventional paper format to a digital format.

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