Bahrain's Digital Topographic Database

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This database contains a highly precise and comprehensive simulation of all fixed natural and man-made elements that exist on the land of the Kingdom. This data has been updated and stored in the SLRB's central database for the purpose of creating a central Topographic database exclusive to the Kingdom.

A huge effort has been invested in preparing, producing, and updating maps to guarantee the availability of accurate information on the nature of land patterns, whether natural or man-made, to be used in relevant applications and guarantee availability when required.

Special attention is given to constant updates of digital Topographic maps through continuous data gathering of newly built structures and their facilities by Field Survey Teams. Data is stored in written form, to be used as a basis for reference in various applications. Later on, specific data is added according to the requesting party's needs and customized maps are produced for specific use.

There are 2 methods for updating large-scale, survey maps:

1.       Field Surveying: surveying the required area, transferring data to computers, fixing Topographic data to reflect actual settings, and finally drawing maps using automatic drawing devices.

2.       Aerial Photography: taking aerial photos of the required area, converting photos into digital form, completing any missing data in the system, and finally drawing maps using automatic drawing devices.


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