A Timeline of Milestones

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§          1825: The 1st Topographic map of Bahrain is completed in a 2 mm scale.

§          1924: The Topo Directorate is formed.

§          1926: The first survey of Bahrain is completed and recorded in the (General Survey Register).

§          1966: Maps are prepared in 1200:1 and 2400:1 scales.

§          1967: The Topo Directorate is transformed into the Directorate of Land Registration.

§          1968: A map is produced in a scale of 63,360:1.

§          1973: Official Topographic maps are produced in a scale of 50,000:1.

§          1977: A horizontal control network is set-up with 22 main points and 50 sub-points.

§          1978: The Hydrographic Survey Office is established.

§          1978: The Survey Directorate is formed on March 11, 1978 under the umbrella of the Ministry of Housing in light of Amiri Decree No.2 for the year 1978.

§          1978: The local control network of survey markers is expanded through the set-up of 3000 reference markers by the Field Survey Unit.

§          1982-83: The survey map database for urban areas is created via aerial survey using a scale of 1000:1.

§          1983: Aerial photographs are used to convert the 1000:1 scale maps to the digital format.

§          2002: A major reorganization is performed on the whole entity following the issuance of Royal Decree No.39 for the year 2002; the new name, as of October 14, 2002, is the "Land Registration Bureau".

§          2002: All survey certificates and maps are produced in a digital format.

§          2003: Law Decree No.34 for the year 2003 merges the Survey Directorate with the Land Registration Bureau, forming the Survey and Land Registration Bureau (SLRB) on April 19, 2003.


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