Overview of CSD Sections

1. Cadastral Survey Technical Processing Section:

This section is responsible for technically reviewing all applications before issuing any certificate, map, or deed to ensure compliance with survey specifications & procedures in order to maintain the proper technical level and confirm survey data. Moreover, this section holds the responsibility of reviewing and approving the work of private survey offices in terms of setting up borders markers or calculating property layout specifications. Two groups follow this section:

- Cadastral Survey Job Investigation and Management Group

- Deed Plan Preparation and Examination Group

  • Deed Plan Preparation Unit
  • Examination Unit

2. Cadastral Coordination & Development Section

Two Groups work under this section to accomplish various duties and assignments that comprise the collective work assigned to them respectively.

- Coordination & Customer Relations Group

Connects the SLRB with its clients in the public and private sectors to follow up applications and service requests.

  • Customer Relations Unit
  • Court Survey Services Unit
  • Coordination Unit

- Cadastral Survey Data & Development Group

Technically reviews all applications prior to issuing documents, certificates, or maps to ensure data compliance to surveying specifications and regulations, in addition to reviewing private surveying bureaus' collected data for marking borders or dividing areas for land unit divisions.

  • Spatial data Management Unit
  • Cadastral Survey Development Unit
  • Data Supply & Archive Unit

3. Cadastral Field Operations Section

This Section performs Surveying Field Operation for the Cadastral Jobs. Two groups work under this  section.

  • Cadastral Field Survey Group
  •  Cadastral Survey Projects Group